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Responsive Web Design What is all of the buzz about a responsive website and why is it so important? A responsive designed website will automatically adjust your web content to the size of the users viewing media: phone, tablet, laptop or 24 inch monitor.

With the trends that are most prevalent today, it's most important to have view-ability on your mobile devices. There are two main benefits to doing this.

User Experience: If a user is on the go and looking for your product, services or information. They can easily find everything that you would like to share with them catered to the device that they are viewing your website on. No more scrolling to the right and left or pinching and expanding the screen.

Google Ranking: Google will boost the rankings of a responsive design website and responsive design is the recommended method which Google would prefer web developers to implement.

The simplest forms of responsive design feature websites that adjust to the size and rotation of the viewing device. More intricate designs give distinctive page layouts and alter the site navigation menus. This is all done to create the best user experience for mobile devices.

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